June 24, 2024

5 Adjustments You Need To Make When Wearing Invisalign

2 min read

Invisalign in Dubai and aligners are one of the most widely popular treatments for misalignment. This treatment is non-invasive and perfect for dental patients who don’t want to have metal brackets installed on their teeth and gums.

But undergoing invisalign treatment would mean patients have to make necessary changes on their lifestyle, especially their dental regimen. If you are planning to go for this kind of dental treatment, here are some adjustments that you need to make:

  • Level up your dental hygiene


Dental patients are expected to follow a strict dental regimen to take good care of their pearly whites. But when you are wearing aligners, you need to up your dental hygiene game. Like mouth guards, bacteria can accumulate on your aligners. Brushing and cleaning your teeth and gums before and after using your dental gears can help prevent bacteria from ruining your teeth. You need to be extra vigilant in following your oral hygiene to ensure that your pearly whites are protected.


  • Make flossing a part of your routine


If you are not fond of flossing, you might need to change your perspective about it when you start wearing invisalign. Food debris that is stuck between teeth can cause tooth decay and cavities, especially if you are wearing aligners. The bacteria from the food debris and the bacteria present in your mouth can speed up the decaying process and it will weaken your teeth’s enamel.


  • Keep your teeth guarded


If you are into contact sports, it would be best to add a layer of protection to your teeth. Wearing mouth guards during your sport sessions can help protect your teeth from potential damage. Wearing your aligners as replacement for your mouth guards may not be a good idea. The materials used in making mouth guards are way different. It is sturdier and is especially made to protect your pearly whites during strenuous activities.


  • Make sure you have a travel kit with you


If you are a person that is always on the go, taking care of your teeth can be a challenge. What you need to do is to take a dental kit with you at all times. This would keep your pearly whites clean wherever you are. Include a toothbrush, toothpaste, a mouthwash and your floss kit. You may also want to include cleaning agents for your aligners.

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