June 24, 2024

How to go about finding a nanny

2 min read

If you are looking for a professional nanny who should look after your kid/kids, you will have to be very careful when selecting one. Following are a few tips that will help you make choose the perfect candidate for this role:

Determine your needs

The first thing that you will have to do in this regard is to determine the needs of your baby and also the needs of your entire family before start looking for a nanny. Consider what kind of care your baby needs? how many hours you want her to look after your baby on a regular basis? How qualified and experienced she must be? How much you can pay for her services? Or any other thing that comes to your mind or any special skills that you want that the nanny you hire must possess. All these questions will help you have a clear picture that what you have to look in the best candidate for the job.

Ask for referrals from people you know

Now that you know what qualities you have to look for in a nanny, it’s time to get some recommendations from your friends, family members and colleagues. Speak to everyone you know who has hired a nanny to look after their kids and ask them to refer you a professional nanny or agency that could help you hire a reliable and experienced nanny. Doing so will provide you with some of the best references in this regard.

Search for nannies and agencies that provide nannies online

In case the people you know could not suggest you any reasonable references, you can look for them yourself by searching for Dubai nannies online. While you are at it, only note down the details of nannies or agencies that have very positive reviews about their services by their previous clients. Once you have shortlisted a few, it’s time to contact them for screening process. Regardless you approach nannies directly or through the agency, make sure that you interview them to choose the best one out of them.

Things that you should ask from potential candidates during interview

Before making a decision, you should interview all the potential candidates and ask them a few important questions to find out if they fit perfectly to your search criteria. Such as what is her expected salary? How experienced she is? How qualified she is? Is she comfortable with your schedule? Do she has a driving license? It is highly recommended that you only choose one who fits perfectly to your required criteria. Try this out to get more information in this regard.