July 12, 2024

Things you should consider when choosing a hair salon

2 min read

The fact of the matter is that highly skilled staff, latest equipment, range of services and overall look of a hair salon is just not enough for you to choose it for yourself. Cleanliness and hygiene practices of a hair salon should be the first thing you should look for before availing their services. Compromising on the cleanliness of a hair salon you will be exposing yourself to the risk of a number of hair and skin related diseases.

Fact of the matter is that if the salon you have just entered does not comply with high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, as followed by hair salons in Dubai Marina, can prove to be a nursery for a number of bacteria and viruses that can infect you badly. In such a hair salon you cannot trust any tool or equipment that will be used on you. The comb that will be used on your hair can be infected if it was used on a person dealing with a hair or scalp diseases. What if the towels have millions of harmful bacteria from the previous customers. You can get infected by the blade if it was used on a customer suffering from hepatitis.

So, why not find out more to check if you are in safe hands while visiting a hair salon? Here are few tips that will help you in this regard.

Have a good look at the salon as you enter for the first time

It is highly recommended for you to have a good look around when you visit a salon for the first time. Check for the towels if the are clean and used towels are kept separate or not? Look for the combs and other tools if they are clean or oily and hair stuck in them. Find out the cleaning process and equipment used for it. Check if chairs and floor is clean or have hair on it.

Is their staff neat and tidy?

See if the staff is neat and presentable. Are their hands clean and nails properly clipped? Also check if their clothes are clean or have hair on them.

Ask about the hygiene practices nicely?

If still you have any doubts, ask the management nicely that what cleanliness and hygiene practices they have? How they guarantee effective implementation of their hygiene policy and what mechanism they use for it.