March 23, 2023

Insurance options for home daycare centres

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If you own a family day care service, then you will require a home day care insurance plan. Your home daycare insurance plan will offer protection against any kind of property damage or even injuries caused to the children within the property of your day care service. The home day care plans are different for licensed and unlicensed facilities.

If you are operating an unlicensed facility, then in all probability, your house owner plan will not offer protection for your day care service. There are several insurance providers who include the option of providing selective or limited home day care insurance plans within a homeowners or condominium insurance plan without any extra premium. They may even offer medical insurance in Dubai. On the other hand, there are others who will charge you additional premium for the same. Before you look for a home day care insurance plan, check with the company who has provided you with house insurance plan and find out if they are providing day care insurance under the current plan.

On the other hand, if you are operating from a licensed service, then you will have to purchase a business policy that will offer the required protection for your day care service. One of the most important reasons why you should go for a separate house day care insurance plan is because there aren’t many policies out there that provide child abuse coverage.

Types of Home Day care Insurance

  1. Homeowner Insurance or renters insurance: These guidelines will offer you protection for day care within the property but no child abuse coverage.
  2. General liability insurance policy: This insurance plan will offer protection for day care in the property or the service and also protect field trips as well as child abuse at no extra cost.
  3. Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions insurance: This plan will offer you with the maximum protection possible within a home daycare insurance plan. Apart from the standard or general protection, this insurance plan will offer protection for negligence in day care.

The home day care insurance plan will also protect legal costs if parents sued you on the basis of damage or sickness caused to their kid. One of the important things that you need to read full about and be aware of is the insuring forms. There are two kinds of insuring forms: an occurrence form and claims made forms. It is always advisable to choose the occurrence form as it will protect a claim that is reported even after your plan expires.