Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

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How to rearrange cubicles smartly

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If you will be calling office fit out companies for an office do over than you would also want them to get fit out approval so that you can design the place exactly the way you like. Other than that, we are sure you would want to increase the productivity of the workers as well which can be easily done with help of a productive cubicle. Here’s how:

  • When you work in an office where your work mostly revolves around typing then your hands need to be fast and energetic. When you start to feel cold your fingers can go a little numb making it hard to type fast. But wearing gloves all the time is also not a very smart solution. What you need to do in such situation is always through a shawl or small blanket at your chair’s back to access it at any moment.
  • Nature plays a major role in the health of a person and their alertness towards their work. If your office does not have enough source of sunlight coming in then consider getting a desk plant for them as this will help feel your employees close to the nature.
  • If you are feeling very weak and tired as if you would want to sleep then keep a lemon mist or scent around you for a while. It can be in form of a lemon mist candle or a balm. Just remember to incorporate it in your environment for a fresher aura.
  • If you want to be alerted about your cubicle then point your chair in the direction of its entrance. It will be good for once not be shocked by your other co-workers sneaking up on you.
  • Stress balls are no joke. Everyone needs to own one and they should always have it in their left hand so that their stress does not reflect in their work.
  • One reason why you would mostly feel sleepy during afternoons is because the blinds would be out and sunlight would be blocked. Make sure that you keep the curtains open to let the light in which will keep you up and alert.
  • Your wallpaper matters a lot when it comes colour scheme. Always make sure that you have an uplifting wallpaper on your screen so that it can help you.