June 5, 2023

How to stay calm during a business event

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A majority of us consider public speaking at meeting venues to be more of a nightmare. Seriously, shaking hands, sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat – it’s like the storyline of a horror movie! However, there’s no denying that if you want for your business to grow, you need to deliver outstandingly during all conferences. In order to tackle your fears, and to quit hyperventilating make sure that you follow the tips given below:

Focus on your breathing
If you are literally hysterical before a business conference or during team building activities in Dubai, it is necessary for you to focus on your breathing. What you basically need to do here is to take a few deep and long breaths. You need to fill up your lungs with as much oxygen as you can. However, don’t exhale immediately – hold your breath for a while, and then exhale it. Repeat several times and you would actually be feeling a whole lot better. You should now close your eyes, and create a visual image in your mind about the conference. If you have any negative thoughts coming up, make sure that you do away with them instantly. Instead, come up with optimistic and positive thoughts. Let them take over you, while breathing deeply. No matter if you are nervous, you need to stay optimistic.

Prepare yourself
You need to be totally prepared prior to your business conference. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to practise as much as you can. You should also acquaint yourself with equipment that will be available to you. This will help you be more comfortable during the event. To be honest, you should practise around eight to ten times prior to the conference – the more the merrier you would be! See the fact of the matter is that you need to familiarize yourself with the material at hand to be more comfortable with it. This would help you get far less nervous on the big day after it has been planned out for event management in Dubai. You need to invest a bit of time in this regard, but rest-assured that it is definitely going to pay off. You need to familiarize yourself with your material to the point that you know it all by heart. However, don’t blurt it out monotonously during the conference – give it a more natural, and spontaneous feel – don’t be a robot!


Stop fretting about not being perfect
Yes, this might sound cliché, but even if you don’t perform well, it isn’t going to be the end of the world. For this reason, you just need to let things flow.

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