October 3, 2022

Worth Our Weight

Dubai – UAE

How to turn your plain bedroom into a hotel room

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We all love hotel rooms and their pleasing yet aesthetic designs. These hotels are on some other level of comfort which cannot be denied. So why don’t we steal some of the most famous hotel designs to bring them to the comfort of our own houses and let our houses feel like luxury villa interior design Dubai?



Headboards are an essential part of any room. The usual headboard style is getting a little old school and this is the reason, hotel interior design Dubai is aiming for something much more elegant and classy and that is, a wrap around the bed headboard. Let your headboard define the sleeping place in your rooms and get them cover the surroundings of your bed. Simple yet classy.


Sitting Area

Sitting or lounge areas are very common in a hotel room. The main idea is to focus on making the room as practical and useable as possible. This look can be achieved by adding a simple couch or an elegant chair in your room which provides with space of seating other than the bed. You can be reading a book on that couch or having your morning coffee.


Desk with a Bed

This idea is best for late night owls or extremely busy introverts. If your room is unnaturally huge and you have no idea what to do with that kind of space, simply place the bed in the middle of the room with a desk placed behind it. This will give you space to work in your room and your desk can hold night essentials or you can throw your book behind your desk and the table will efficiently catch it.


Floating Beds

This is an amazing way of accentuating your room. You can use platforms for giving a floating structure to your beds. This way your room will not only look equipped with modern technology but it will also give a delusion of open space and less clutter.


Paint instead of headboard

If you are not into headboards, then painting the will be the best option you can choose. This uplifts the mood of the room and gives a splash of art in there. Make sure that you paint it as creatively as possible.