Message From the Board

We are honored to be part of WOW, an organization that values young people, each of whom we believe is worth their weight in gold.  Some of WOW’s apprentices are in the process of leaving foster care, while others are adrift without strong role models.  All are looking for a safe haven, a place to grow and learn. Many of these youth find a sense of purpose under the strong, loving guidance of Chef Evelyn Cheatham. WOW succeeds because she has the courage to lift up the lost, angry, and broken-hearted. She helps them by sharing the camaraderie of the kitchen and the dinner table.  In the WOW kitchen and café, our apprentices learn to cook, work as a team, and practice self-discipline, respect, and care for others. As the they work through the program, they in turn instruct the new apprentices, earning much deserved credibility from their peers.

We never cease to be inspired by Evelyn’s incredible work with the apprentices.  She has shared many moving stories about rival gang members stirring spaghetti sauce together, conversations among the apprentices discussing the merits of doing the right thing, or finding good jobs for youth who were previously unemployable. In 2009, Evelyn Cheatham received the City of Santa Rosas Merit Award and was named outstanding Community Services Individual.

WOW is more than a great neighborhood place to stop by for a scone and cup of coffee; it is a valuable asset to our community.  We deeply appreciate your donations of money, time, energy and sharing the WOW story.  Thank you!

The WOW! Board
Ramona Allen, Susan Brown, Jodi Cohen, Evelyn Cheatham, Karen Gifford, Dennis Holahan, Marcy Smothers, & Clark Wolf